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rencontres internationales de geneve 2012 You will notice a change in the technology throughout the world. You can see this change in every activity of mankind. The traditional marketing has given way to online and internet marketing. The financial institutions are changing. Educational institution, corporate and every other organization are adopting advanced technology today. Video marketing is the next biggest thing in the field. When you think of video production, do you need to look any further? We are afraid, not.
Dror Levi Films is your destination as far as your video production needs are concerned. We are in this service since the last ten years. These ten years have taught us some valuable lessons. The customer is the King. We commit ourselves to your service.
We offer practically every video solution under the sun. We cover corporate events and have great expertise in making corporate videos. We have a very impressive clientele. Corporate organizations have a social responsibility towards society at large. We have a responsibility to you in that we cover your events and project them to the public as well as to the concerned authorities. We specialize in conducting video conferencing exercises to corporate. You can have a video conference with your client situated miles away from you using our expertise.
We also specialize in making promotional videos. We have a dedicated team of like-minded responsible people with us on a same platform. We undertake to make a success of any promotional event. We have a distinguished clientele comprising of shipyards, Muzions, schools, and high tech companies. We have an unblemished record of producing promotional videos for such an exclusive clientele.
We can list out umpteen number of schools benefited from our video campaigns.
We also specialize in production of training videos for several high profile clients. We know the tricks of the trade and we can pass it on to you through our promotional videos. Video marketing has taken the world by storm. We are one of the first entrants in this field. We know this industry like the back of our hand.
Many corporate organizations have scaled great heights using our corporate videos and promotional campaigns. We specialize in producing videos covering their annual general meetings and other important gatherings as well.
Based in Hollywood Florida, we serve the entire southern portion of Florida State. You may also see us travelling around the globe setting up video conferencing facilities for our clients in Florida. For the better part of ten years, we are name to contend with in the industry.
By entrusting your video requirements to us, you can have peace of mind. We take care of every issue and see to it that you get the final product within the deadline provided. This is our specialty. We maintain deadlines and follow them strictly. We never miss any deadline. Our record is impeccable in this matter. We assure you a high quality product, every time we take up your offer. You can visit our website for further details and clarifications if necessary.

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